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18 October 2023
Darren Werner

Blast from the Past with Tiny Epic Galaxies


“Tiny Epic Galaxies” (hereinafter referred to as “TEG”)

1) takes players into the depths of the universe, where there are different galactic civilizations. It is inevitable that civilizations will meet and compete, and imitate and evolve from each other. Each player will lead the civilization of their galaxy, expand their territory through space colonization, and become the overlord of the vast universe.

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set up


  • Center console, 7 dice spare
  • Planet deck, reveal the number of players + 2 planet cards


  • galaxy card
  • own color cultural cylinder@1
  • Own color energy cubes@2
  • Own color level star pillar @ level 1 (star)
  • 2 spaceships of your own color @home star, 1 @level 3, 1 @level 5
  • (You can skip it if you play for the first time) Mission Card 2 Choose 1



Players take turns rolling dice, the number of dice is determined according to the level of the galaxy, and actions are chosen based on the dice surface:
  • Energy/Culture: Obtain resource value based on the number of spaceships located on the corresponding planet type
  • Move: Land the spaceship on a planet other than the enemy/original star. You can choose a star/star track. The former can use planetary abilities.
  • Diplomacy/Economy: Promote the spacecraft on the corresponding star orbit type. When it reaches the highest level, you can colonize it, obtain planet cards, and open new cards.
  • Colony Alliance: To use the colonized planet ability once, or to upgrade the system, you need to pay a single resource value × new level

Follow the machine

The used dice are placed in the control room, and other players can choose to follow the machine by paying 1 point of cultural value.


At any time, the acting player may pay 1 energy point to reroll any number of unused dice.

Convert Convert

Mobile players can also place the 2 standby dice on the Converter in the control room to convert the 3rd standby die into the designated die surface.

When any player obtains 21 VP points from the planet or system level, the game will end when the player returns to the starting point and the game will be settled.

VP = planet card VP + galaxy level VP + mission completion VP


The mechanics of “TEG” are simple, and the explanation can be completed in 10 minutes. The play time is about half an hour. Such planets improve replayability, and the abilities are easy to understand and effortless to interpret. Overall, it is the first masterpiece that I will recommend!

When I first started the short review series “Tiny Epic”, I planned to use “TEG” as the starting point, because it was also the first work I came into contact with. To be more precise, I played the remastered version of Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! 》

2) As for the pitfalls, I was extremely fascinated by this simplified version, so I immediately found the Chinese version and finally purchased the English version. In addition, “TEG” also has an expansion “Beyond the Black”
3) and Ultra Tiny version
4)  Such a huge lineup, because “TEG” is undoubtedly the famous work of the “Tiny Epic” series, establishing that this series of works is not only a masterpiece of fine workmanship but also shows the following characteristics:
  • The themes are ever-changing and the mechanisms are innovative.
  • The limit on the number of people has been lifted, and the joy of being alone is greater than the joy of others

The time requirement is very short, so the game can be overturned and the match replayed on the spot.

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