COMPETE for the Iron Throne or COOPERATE against the Night King - In Tiny Epic Game of Thrones LATE PLEDGE NOW
23 November 2022
Darren Werner

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Game info

Tiny Epic Crimes is a fast-paced, crime-fighting, deduction game for 1 to 4 players that offers multiple ways to play.

Players take on the role of detectives, and depending on the game mode, will be working either together…. OR separately…. to crack the murder case.

In Tiny Epic Crimes, time matters, and the first 48 hours after any crime are the most critical. Players race around the city collecting evidence, such as the murder weapon, forensics, or the getaway vehicle.

This secret evidence is sifted through using the novel Tiny Epic Decoder System, which keeps all of the murderer’s other evidence hidden. This knowledge eliminates suspects and helps identify the true killer.

But crime doesn’t stop for one investigation. Players must answer the call of duty, juggling their time as other criminal activities arise across the city.

Resolving these events allow players to gain useful alibis and powerful Force Cards, but knowing full well that their actions will take them hours closer to a reckoning.

In their final hour, players will stake their careers on a final guess: who they think the murderer really is… hoping that their wits and detective skills are enough to bring the correct suspect to justice.

Can you hold this city of crime together long enough to crack the case, or will it go cold, and your time on the force run out?

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