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30 July 2021

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea Worth the Hype?

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Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

One game that is surely not getting the credit it deserves is Heroes of Land, Air and Sea!⚔️
This is a true 4x game that can bring you warm memories of Warcraft or Heroes of Might and Magic III.

This time we’ve played it 3 with players. As humans are considered one of the weakest factions I purposely decided to choose them. My friends took Elves and Goblins.

Well for half of the game it was me fighting the Elves and goblins mostly standing aside and doing their thing. And yes playing with humans is not the easiest BUT what I discovered and loved was The Galleon. Once I got it ready, embarked the heroes I was just like a shark hunting for its prey… somewhere after 4 hours Goblins which by that time had huge manpower have awakened. We did play for one more hour, and Goblins were getting their momentum but they missed that one chance to kill my Galleon (my friend screwed up the tactic card he has chosen for the otherwise easy-to-win encounter for him).
Well, Humans prevailed! In the end, it was 80 vs 50 vs 49 but it was one of the toughest games I’ve had.

And Seriously, if you like a strategic game you should try Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea by @gamelyngames !⚔️

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