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17 August 2021

​​⚔️​​👸​​​​My Current Top 10 Board Games! | Avalon Warren​​ ​🚀​🌕​

I got my current Top 10 list for 2021 down…*drumroll please*

10. Sushi Go Party
9. Onitama
8. Star Wars: Destiny
7. Tiny Epic Quest
6. Age of War
5. Wavelength
4. Star Wars: X-Wing
3. Tiny Epic Blast Off
2. Terraforming Mars
& # 1. Love Letter 

I shot this video at the beginning of the year (which is why I mentioned
 my surgery 😅) & already have so many more that I would love to share 
with you. Should I do an updated Part 2? Let me know in the comments 
below what you think! 

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