Reviews of Heroes of Land, Air & Sea


Tom Vasel takes a look at Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea designed by Scott Almes! BGG link: 

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Roy from @EpicGamingNight takes a look at Heroes of Land, Air & Sea - Follow him on Instagram!

Never Bored Gaming gives a fresh look at the game :) Check them out on Instagram

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea (PREORDER)

DELIVERING Q2 2018 - Order now to guarantee your copy.

*Includes 80 detailed miniatures and cardboard constructs

*Does not include Kickstarter Exclusives (Pre Painted Figured, Nomads, Merc Packs, Siege Engines) They can be purchased separately

Game Design: Scott Almes
Illustrations: Adam P. McIver
Sculpts: Chad Hoverter
Type: 4X Fantasy Miniatures Game
Theme: Fantasy
Players: 1-4 (expands up to 6 with expansion)
Time: 30 minutes per player
Age: 14+

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