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1 July 2024
Darren Werner

Calling all Units!

A cop must be tough in this town. Who can’t make it, leave or …… they killing him. Ain’t no soft play here.
Murder, bribery, smuggling the worst. Plus, the mayor’s son is being m*ssed in his penthouse. Due to pressure from the mayor, the investigation must be closed in 48 hours and that is it. This is where we step in.
During the gameplay, we will collect clues, interrogate whistleblowers and witnesses, and make arrests. There are a lot of options, but we have to remember that we are chasing time!
First, we choose a mode – competitive or cooperative. I recommend starting with the second one – a common knowledge of the mechanic works very efficiently and you can compete in the next game. But both modes are very good – I liked the competitive one, collecting clues on my own, limited sharing of information with other detectives, and hurry!
Anne liked the cooperative mode, where we fully cooperate, but it’s not easy at all! In our tour, we decide whether to move and then perform one of the main actions. Every activity takes our precious time, and we must remember that we only have 48 hours! At the end of the tour, we reach the event card after crossing the threshold and roll the bones to unlock the new criminal on the map.
Every trash collected brings us closer to determining the information that will help us educate who killed – what gang, the degree, with what he killed, how he escaped, and what tracks he left. In the attached notebook we have crossed out suspects who do not fit the profile.
The game resembles Cleudo a bit, or maybe closer to us the Unwanted Guests, although it is definitely more expanded. There is a lot going on in the city, we have events that modify the rules – of course for the worse for us 😉 so we have to get rid of them. Especially if we’re going to get a card for an event that doesn’t have a place… our time is shortening to solve the investigation!
If you think it’s not enough, then even better fun is with an addition, where we also have to identify and find KINGPIN. 😃 things are getting interesting! We love deduction games and we will definitely come back to this one! ❤

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