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September 25 2022
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Scientists have brought dinosaurs back after a 65 million year hiatus! It’s a triumph of modern ingenuity! What? Oh…that’s old news? Every major theme park in the world is now vying to purchase these behemoths as living attractions? This feels like an opportunity… In Tiny Epic Dinosaurs by @gamelyngames, you’re in the business of ranching serene Stegosauruses and rambunctious Raptors in order to fill contracts! This game features worker-placement and resource management mechanics and takes place over a series of 6 rounds - each comprised of 7 phases. In the solo game, you’re up against a rival rancher who takes up spots on the action mats and forces you to spend more ranchers per action. Over the course of the game, you acquire dinosaurs, build barriers, and collect resources in order to feed your new occupants! If you can’t feed them, they escape and deal you a penalty (if a carnivore escapes…well, say goodbye to one of your herbivores too). Once you have dinosaurs placed in your ranch, you can use them to fill contracts and earn victory points. Conclusion: I’ve really been enjoying my time with Tiny Epic Dinosaurs! It can be a real brain burner trying to plan out how to best use the limited space you have available to you. You also have to keep in mind that groups of two dinos of the same species will mate and earn you a third one. If you don’t have room for that little prehistoric bundle of joy then, you guessed it, it escapes. The solo rival is also infinitely more capable at filling contracts than you are so you’re constantly being kept on your toes! I’ve yet to win a game against them. 😅 This game lives up to its name in that it is, in fact, quite tiny! With so many phases to keep track of and so many little meeples to manipulate, it can sometimes feel a bit fiddly. I had my windows open during one game and a gentle breeze nearly wiped out my entire ranch! There’s also a mechanic of filling “private” contracts but only immediately after having filled a public one that I found way too tricky to pull off. All-in-all, I’m looking forward to playing this more and becoming the top dino dealer in town! CHECK OUT MORE FROM THEM
Bored & Gaming
Zatu Games Final Thoughts - Tiny Epic Defenders... I really enjoy this. It is a quick-playing game, I can have this set up and played in around 30 minutes. It plays well solo (player controls two Heroes) and with other players. Tiny Epic Defenders is going to be staying in my collection for a long time and I can see this hitting the table again and again.
Matthew Thomasson - Zatu Games
My thoughts after playing Tiny Epic Dinosaurs by @gamelyngames Dinos, dinos, dinos. In all shapes, but not all sizes. These dinos are small. Tiny, but epic, just like the box itself and everything else within. This is a true and pure worker placement game with resource management. The art is colorful and cute, but the game is tight, and can sometimes be unforgiving. When you place your rancher you need to plan two steps ahead and there are plenty of different options every turn. The rancher placement reminds me of Honey Buzz, where you can occupy the same spot by paying additional ranchers. This is a nice, strategic element in the game. There’s also a big rancher that counts as two ranchers, that you can use to occupy already taken action spots. It’s a tiny epic game, and as I mentioned everything is tiny and demands some gentle fingers. I had sometimes difficulty organizing everything in my ranch, due to my inherited clumsiness. Everything about this game is high quality and offers tons of strategy and high replayability. - Beautiful components - High strategy - High replayability - Everything you need to know how to play the game is written on the game board - everything is tiny, even the text on the cards - The game board is divided into four cards, and can sometimes move across the table. This game may appeal to you who like playing: honey buzz, viticulture, dinosaur island, Agricola. Follow

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