COMPETE for the Iron Throne or COOPERATE against the Night King - In Tiny Epic Game of Thrones LATE PLEDGE NOW
22 July 2022
Michael Coe

Got Paint?🖌 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨🎨

The Meeple Marathon

Do you want to get into miniature painting but do not know where to start? Never fear, we have you covered with some in-depth tutorials to get you started.

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Moar Speedpaints, moar Tiny Epic Dungeons! These miniatures looked quite flat and smooth but took the speedpaint sooooo well! Really, really happy with how quickly this miniature came out and now I can go play happy!

Painting Thordin Firebraid Dwarf Fighter miniature from the game Tiny Epic Dungeons “A Dangerous Dungeon Crawler” by Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games.

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