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28 June 2024
Darren Werner

Tiny Epic Crimes a True Puzzle?


Checkout the sneak peek below.

@KAY_PLAYS_GAMES over on her Instagram


In Tiny Epic Crimes take on the role of the police solving crime. There are 48 hours to find who committed the crime by collecting evidence and eliminating suspects. In the solo you play a 2 player cooperative game operating 2 police characters. Each turn the player in last place on the time track takes actions. These include a move with each movement costing 1 time followed by an action such as arresting mobsters, collecting evidence, resolving events and all have a corresponding time cost. Whenever the first character crosses an event line on the time track a new event is played. Each turn ends with a mobster roll and placing new ones on the board. Once you reach the end of the time track you rest your case and arrest the suspect you believe did the crime. If you get it correct you win the game.

I think this might be my biggest surprise of the year. I absolutely loved how engaging the puzzle was. It was a game where time past and I never looked up. I was totally lost in the puzzle of where to go and what actions to take. I loved how tricky the events made solving the crime. You need to collect enough evidence during the game to identify the suspect at the end but if you let the events mount up and don’t deal with them you are restricted with the actions you can take and if you get 3 in play they discard suspects leaving you with less information and options. This was a wonderful puzzle of how long can I leave the events before they cause me trouble verses I really need to spend my time collecting evidence in order to solve the case. These events are not easy to resolve either so there is always a push and pull over what to do and thinking about how to achieve the most using the least amount of time keeps you brain engaged the whole time. This felt like a race against time rather than a deduction game where you are constantly firefighting mobsters and events while trying not to forget you need to solve the crime to win. I thought it was fab.

Overall, a challenging and interesting puzzle that will see time fly.

Its #firstimpressionsfriday🎲 created by @kay_plays_games


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