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26 April 2024
Darren Werner

Product Availability Post Campaign + Content Deep Dive #2: Expansion Content For Tiny Epic Game of Thrones

Product Availability Post Campaign – Limited Supply

As we approach the final stages of our project, we would like to respectfully provide you with important information regarding the availability of Tiny Epic Game of Thrones™ products after the campaign.

Due to the arrangements of our license agreement, the core game, Tiny Epic Game of Thrones™, will be the sole product available for purchase in retail stores. 

All other Tiny Epic Game of Thrones™ products, such as The Hand of the King Deluxe content, the Ice & Fire Expansion, the Extra Heroes Pack, and all accessories offered in the pledge manager are part of our “Kickstarter Limited-Exclusivity” offering and WILL NOT be sold in retail stores. These exclusive products will be in limited supply after the pledge manager closes.

Experience the epic collaboration between Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and the houses of Westeros as you unite to face the Night King in the groundbreaking cooperative expansion, Tiny Epic Game of Thrones™ Ice & Fire! This limited supply expansion offers a unique and thrilling twist that has never been done before. Join us as we delve into the exciting content and strategic gameplay that awaits in this unprecedented expansion.

Tiny Epic Game of Thrones Ice & Fire Additions

  • Cooperative Mode: Using all the content, play fully cooperative with as many as 5 players!
  • Competitive Mode: Adds 2 new Houses, 2 new Heroes, 17 new Plot Cards, and content to support up to 5 players!
  • Solo Mode: Adds 2 new Houses, 2 new Heroes, and 17 new Plot Cards for the competitive solo game experience. Additionally, use all the content to explore an entirely new solo mode against the Night King!

New Ice & Fire Houses

Jon Snow is the valiant leader of The Night’s Watch, revered as their fearless hero. The ability on Jon’s card allows you to take a March or Sail action to engage in battle. If you emerge victorious, you will earn an extra victory point. As a rival of Jon Snow, it is crucial to strategize and prepare to overcome him in battle when he uses this Event to thwart his accumulation of victory points. As an ally of Jon Snow in a cooperative game, this ability will help keep the Night King within reach.

Jon wields the Conscript Special Power, which, though requiring careful planning to utilize effectively, can be incredibly potent, especially in cooperative games when coordinating your ultimate assault against the Night King.

The Night’s Watch provides a unique ability to manipulate a die to any face that has not been previously used, making it a highly versatile power. While this ability may be less advantageous later in the round, it can be incredibly beneficial at the start. In rounds where the same action is repeated, this power allows for a wider range of options when it is your turn. Additionally, you can strategically observe and potentially mimic the actions of others, if you are positioned before them in the turn order.

With Jon Snow’s strategic focus on accumulating victory points and the versatile capabilities of the Night’s Watch, this faction proves to be a formidable force in both competitive and cooperative gaming modes.

“The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born.”                                 – Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys, the legendary leader of House Targaryen and the revered Mother of Dragons, possesses the extraordinary ability to command up to three powerful dragons. Harnessing this potential requires great determination, but the rewards are truly immense. Each dragon under her control is a force to be reckoned with, making the effort well worthwhile.

On Daenerys’s card, you will find the ability to summon a dragon egg by paying two gold. Once the egg is placed, it will hatch into a fearsome dragon at the end of the round, ready to join your forces. These dragons boast a battle strength of two and can even generate one gold for you by the round’s end. While the investment in resources is significant, the payoff can be substantial if you can safeguard your dragon egg during its incubation period. Rival’s to Daenerys will want to focus on destroying these eggs before they hatch.

Furthermore, Daenerys has the unique capability to ride one of her dragons, allowing her to cover greater distances. However, it is important to note that she cannot bring an army along on these journeys. This limitation adds an intriguing strategic element to the game, as players must decide when to utilize this powerful ability for maximum advantage.

House Targaryen is unique among the noble houses in that it does not possess the ability to manipulate dice rolls. Instead, its special ability lies in hatching dragon eggs, a power that balances out the formidable strength of the dragons it can unleash.

For seasoned players seeking a challenge, House Targaryen is a compelling choice. While they may not have the advantage of dice mitigation or an immediate Hero Event, the potential for strategic gameplay and powerful moves under the leadership of Daenerys is undeniable. With the right player at the helm, House Targaryen is poised to make a formidable bid for the Iron Throne.

Cooperative Mode

Prepare yourself for an epic showdown against the Night King and his icy army! The ominous whispers have proven true – the Night King is emerging from the north, bringing with him an eternal winter and a horde of White Walkers. As he lays waste to castles and transforms the living into soulless beings, his strength grows exponentially. To stand a chance against him, you must utilize all your wit and bravery to locate the scarce Dragonglass that can weaken his powers.

The cooperative mode seamlessly integrates the mechanics of the base game with a few additional layers for an enhanced gaming experience. While a thorough understanding of the base game rules is essential, prior experience with the competitive or solo game is recommended to face the Night King head-on. The cooperative mode unfolds over 6 intense rounds and can accommodate 1 to 5 players.

While all the important aspects of the competitive game, such as forming alliances, strategic movement, well-timed Events, and selecting actions strategically, are still present in the cooperative game, the overall strategy is quite different. In this version, players must work together, and we recommend playing with an open hand of plot cards.

During the first round, the Night King will be absent, and players will not have access to the northern maps beyond the wall. Instead, players will focus on preparation. This involves spreading out armies, recruiting units into domains, forming alliances with non-player houses, and revealing exploration tokens to uncover various benefits, including the crucial Valyrian Steel.

In round 2 and beyond, the Night King will begin his relentless march south, obliterating castles and spreading White Walkers across the realms. With the fall of the wall to the Ice Dragon, players can now venture into the northern territories in search of Dragonglass. This new exploration aspect adds a crucial layer to players’ strategies. The Night King and his White Walkers start the game at formidable levels of strength, posing a significant challenge to players. However, the discovery of Dragonglass and Valyrian Steel can help level the playing field.

It is imperative for players to keep the number of White Walkers in check to prevent them from overwhelming the game. Managing the tug-of-war for victory points is key to success. Players can only confront the Night King if they have equal or more victory points than him. The Night King gains points based on the number of White Walkers present, underscoring the importance of containment.

Even with all three Dragonglass Tokens in hand, the Night King remains a formidable foe, requiring a united effort from players to defeat. This may involve anticipating the Night King’s movements and strategically positioning armies from multiple players to launch a coordinated attack using the Conscript method. While not the sole method of defeating the Night King, this approach is the most reliable.

Overall, the cooperative game offers a unique and engaging experience where teamwork and collaboration are key to success. Players must adapt their strategies to work together towards a common goal, making each decision crucial to the outcome of the game.

Check out Rahdo’s playthrough of the cooperative game below to get a closer look at the mechanics.

Now, let’s delve into the Heroes Pack. This pack features seven new miniatures representing the alternative heroes of each of the seven houses in the core game. Each character comes with a Character card that can be used in all modes of play. By adding this pack to your collection, you’ll have the chance to experience playing as one of the great houses with a unique character, each with a different Event on their card. This expansion offers more choices and new ways to enjoy playing your favorite house in Westeros. Let’s explore each character in more detail.

Cersei now leads House Lannister and offers a unique free Recruit action as her Event. This special ability allows players to recruit one or two Power Tokens from an allied house at no cost. When playing as Cersei, it is advantageous to secure an ally early in the game to strengthen your Heroes’ domain and access her Event as soon as possible.

Cersei’s Special Combat Power, Conscript, can be incredibly potent when used strategically, especially in cooperative play. She is a valuable addition to House Lannister, transforming the Lannister general strategy from focusing on movement and battling to emphasizing plotting and recruiting.

With Robb Stark leading House Stark, alliances and allied heroes play a crucial role in the Stark player’s strategy. Robb Stark’s Event allows for the recruitment of up to 3 units, which is a significant advantage compared to the standard Recruit action of just 2 units. However, this strategy will require players to have more gold on hand. Additionally, recruiting Heroes will cost one gold less, making it more cost-effective when dealing with allied houses. In essence, recruiting an allied hero will only require one gold. By utilizing this Event to bring in more units than a standard Recruit Action, players can gain an advantage over their opponents and potentially earn more points by advancing their Power Token track more quickly.

It is essential to focus on maintaining high levels of gold and forming alliances while utilizing Robb Stark’s leadership to lead the way to victory.

House Tully, led by Edmure, strategically employs plotting in a more assertive manner to outmaneuver their rivals. Edmure’s Event grants a free Plot, although a card from your hand is still required to Plot. If you use your Plot against another player to acquire Power Tokens, you must return tokens of a different house from your mat to the original house mat. This tactic can be advantageous when attempting to shift alliances in your favor. The added benefit of this action being free is significant, especially when resources are limited, as this type of action is generally very expensive. When utilizing Edmure Tully’s leadership, it is crucial to accumulate extra Power Tokens in your Ally Pool to maximize the impact of his Event power.

Edmure’s Special Combat Power involves some risk, but by paying attention to the cards played, you may be able to anticipate what cards remain in the deck.

Ellaria takes on a prominent role within House Martell, bringing a unique dynamic to the players’ strategy. Her Event allows for a free Recruit action of a single power token, but with a twist – it must be placed in an enemy-controlled domain to initiate a battle. This not only allows you to advance on your Power Token Track for potential victory points, but also presents an opportunity to catch your opponent off guard by engaging in battle in a domain in which they are weak.

Timing is crucial when utilizing Ellaria’s ability, as pairing it with a higher strength combat card can greatly increase its effectiveness. While this Event doesn’t steer House Martell away from battle, it introduces a clever way to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses while simultaneously bolstering your own army.

Margaery has stepped into the spotlight as the leader of House Tyrell, showcasing her impressive abilities that players are sure to enjoy. Her Event card is a clever blend of Whisper and Plot, allowing you to gain gold and new cards through Whisper, and then strategically use that gold to move ally tokens around during Plot. Margaery’s Special Combat Strength as a Conscript is particularly valuable in the cooperative version of the game, where teamwork is essential to defeat the Knight King.

While Margaery may have a slightly reduced Plotting advantage compared to her counterpart Olenna, her hand manipulation abilities offer a level of strategy flexibility that more than compensates for this. As the hero of House Tyrell, Margaery brings a unique and dynamic element to the game that is sure to enhance the overall experience for players.

Under Stannis’s leadership, House Baratheon is determined to claim the Iron Throne through sheer strength. Stannis’s Event allows the player to strategically move a hero and up to two Power Tokens from different domains to any location on the board to initiate a battle. This powerful ability enables players to launch surprise attacks by consolidating forces from multiple domains into one, catching opponents off guard and making it difficult for them to defend. While utilizing this Event may require sacrificing control over certain domains, the potential rewards of a successful surprise attack are well worth the risk.

With Stannis leading House Baratheon, players must shift their focus from traditional strategies centered around gold and domain control offered by Robert Baratheon to prioritizing surprise attacks and battlefield dominance.

Theon now rightfully claims House Greyjoy and is ready to seize his opportunity. Theon’s Event allows you to engage in battle by Marching or Sailing. It is recommended to initiate a battle in a Castle domain when using this Event. Winning in a Castle domain will reward you with a free Plot Card to replenish your hand, replacing the card used in the battle.

Theon’s Special Combat Strength lies in his ability to retreat, which may not seem impressive at first glance. However, a strategic retreat can save your hero and power tokens, while also weakening your opponent’s hand and preventing them from gaining valuable victory points. This ability can be incredibly potent when used at the right moment.

Under Theon’s leadership, House Greyjoy continues to focus on battle and movement as primary strategies. Unlike Euron, who steals gold, Theon ensures that your hand of cards remains abundant, offering a unique approach to strategic flexibility.


Again, I highly recommend checking out the cooperative playthrough if you haven’t already. The battle against the Night King is challenging, requiring players to collaborate in order to emerge victorious. The opportunity to experience a cooperative Game of Thrones™ game is a unique feature of the Tiny Epic™ line, and we are proud to offer it to gamers.

By incorporating the Extra Heroes Pack content for $5, players can enjoy extended gameplay and explore new strategies in Westeros, ensuring that the game will remain a staple on your gaming table.

Thank you for taking the time to delve into this content with us. We are thrilled to be nearing the completion of this project and getting closer to delivering this game into your hands!


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