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12 July 2022
Nathan Hatfield

Tiny Epic Games To Feature Interactive Tutorials

Queen Creek, AZ – The highly successful Tiny Epic board game series will feature interactive tutorials on the Dized platform. These tutorials allow the players to skip the rulebook and play the games straight out of the box, learning while they play.

“We got a Dized Tutorial for Tiny Epic Pirates and it got really good feedback from our players. However, many players had already learned the game before the tutorial came out and we were curious what the feedback would be like for a new title. We tried this with Tiny Epic Dungeons and it got an overwhelmingly positive reception. Dized made the learning and gaming experience really immersive, on top of which it significantly cut down the amount of support requests we typically get upon a new game release”, states Michael Coe the CEO of Gamelyn Games.

The fully animated and voice-overed smart tutorials follow the flow of the game and adapt to the game situation thus bringing the demo person experience in every home.

“They really make even the toughest games easy to learn. Everyone in the industry wants to make tabletop games more inclusive, and one of the major aspects of that is to offer an easy and fun way to learn games. Our Tiny Epic titles are made for a wide variety of players so partnering with Dized was a perfect match.”

Tiny Epic + Dized = More Fun Faster

The size of the box might be misleading as Tiny Epic games do pack a lot of punch inside the box with robust rulebooks.

“One of the additional benefits of Dized is the digital rules. It’s a ‘living rulebook’ that includes an FAQ as well, and something we can constantly update. It’s a really efficient tool for our players to find answers to their questions,” concludes Coe.

The first tutorials for Tiny Epic games were Pirates and Dungeons with the latest addition being Tiny Epic Dinosaurs. There are 9 more titles coming, including the recently successfully funded Tiny Epic Vikings. The next ones in line will be for the bestsellers Tiny Epic Zombies and Tiny Epic Quest. The estimated schedule for the upcoming titles looks like this:

Q2 2022: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Q3 2022: Tiny Epic Zombies, Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Galaxies
Q4 2022: Tiny Epic Mechs, Tiny Epic Tactics, Tiny Epic Western
Q1 2023: Tiny Epic Defenders, Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Tiny Epic Vikings

Dized is available as an app for Android and Apple smart devices, and on the web for desktop computers at .

-Tiny Epic is a series of small box approachable board games that deliver far more than the box size would suggest. Featuring easy entry rule sets along with high strategy and a small footprint. Tiny Epic has become a go-to series for any gamer.

DIZED is a digital companion designed to be used next to physical tabletop games. With Dized players can learn games while they play and enrich their tabletop gaming experience. Everything from Smart Tutorials to full game expansions!

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