COMPETE for the Iron Throne or COOPERATE against the Night King - In Tiny Epic Game of Thrones BACK NOW
16 January 2023
Darren Werner

Weapon Painting with aventurerosludicos

🔸 Pictures of the survivors of #TinyEPICZombies, I painted the weapons to make them look cuter while eliminating the zombie hordes 🔸

⏳: 30 – 45 minutes. approx.
🛡: 1 – 5 Players
🧑: 14 years and older
💡: Scott Almes
Co: Miguel Coimbra – Benjamin Shulman

This game is competitive, semi-cooperative, cooperative, and Solo, with maximum variability in this zombie apocalypse. BRAINS!!!

As always I don’t get tired of saying that this @gamelyngames series from our friends at #TinyEPIC never ceases to amaze us with its classic and new games!

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