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27 February 2023
Darren Werner

Destiny is All on The Tabletop Gaming Show


The Last Kingdom, the hit Netflix series, is going to be coming to tabletops soon from Gamelyn Games with a new board game! Destiny Is All!

The Last Kingdom Board Game - Gamelyn Games

The Last Kingdom Board Game – Kickstarter // Gamelyn Games

Much like in the show and the novels that it is based on, The Last Kingdom Board Game will have two-to-five players engaged in a game of war and politics and you seek to control the British Isles. With ten leaders for you to pick from, focused on both the Saxons and the Dane, you’ll play out a game over two rounds where you’ll command your armies and maneuver yourself politically as you seek to take command of the various corners of England.

The Last Kingdom The Board Game Components - Gamelyn Games

The Last Kingdom The Board Game – Components // Gamelyn Games

As well as the special abilities of your leaders, you’ll also draft a hand of cards that will aid you during the game round. You’ll then move around your armies, gain affinities with different factions and look to turn the tide of war with the aid of notable characters from the series.

Once you have finished your turn, you’ll gain victory points if you’re on the winning side of any conflicts and war continues to the next region on the board. Once you’ve decided the fate of the five game regions, the round will end and you’ll move on to the next one where the cycle begins anew. At the end of the game, the person with the most victory points from cunning manipulation and scheming will be crowned the winner.

The Last Kingdom Miniatures - Gamelyn Games

The Last Kingdom Miniatures // Gamelyn Games

The game also looks to come with neat miniatures representing Uthred and the like. So, that might be a winner for a lot of folks seeking to get miniatures based on their favourite characters from the show.

This certainly sounds like an interesting game and it has the feel of something like The King Is Dead about it. I’m also getting Bretwalda vibes as well! It will be neat to see if this draws people to strategy board gaming thanks to The Last Kingdom title. It’s a shame that the imagery isn’t art and instead just screenshots from the show but it’s understandable why they’ve done with that.

Will you be backing this on Kickstarter?


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