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26 May 2020
Darren Werner

Advance Copy Unboxing Video + ETA = August

Hello Dino Ranchers!

We received an incredibly exciting box in the mail today! Our advance copies of Tiny Epic Dinosaurs!! and WOW!! Everything looks soooo great!

This means Honorary Producer copies will be sent out very soon.

Unboxing Video

Join me for an unboxing of a deluxe copy of Tiny Epic Dinosaurs!

It is always so rewarding to get the first copy off the press and to see the game in its final form and know that soon it will be on thousands of gamers tables!

Thank you everyone for all your support and for helping bring Tiny Epic Dinosaurs to life. I can’t wait for you all to play it!


We were hit with a small delay during assembly as the manufacturing team wanted to do additional quality assurance testing. There’s a ton of Dino meeples in Tiny Epic Dinosaurs and they wanted to be extra careful making sure that they are all accounted for. With that delay, we are still looking at an August delivery. Our current schedule is as follows:

  • Freight Shipping Departure: June 5th
  • Arrival as Warehouse: July 27th
  • Shipping Begins to Backers: August 10th

Also, ALL add-ons will be locked after May 31st. So if you’d like to get the Tiny Epic Dinosaurs playmat shipped with your game, please add it to your PledgeManager before it closes on May 31st.

Lastly, we have a new Tiny Epic game funding on Kickstarter right now!!

Tiny Epic Pirates LIVE on Kickstarter!

Click to view the Kickstarter!

You can click the image above to go directly to the Kickstarter or follow this link:

This exciting addition to the Tiny Epic series has you taking on the role of a Pirate Captain sailing the 7 seas! It features a unique and variable rondel system for action selection, as well as pick-up-and-delivery, and action combo-ing.  Tiny Epic Pirates plays 1-4 players in 30-45minutes.

Recruit unique crew members, plunder settlements, attack merchant and pirate ships, and trade your ill gotten booty for gold at black markets!

Don’t miss out!  Join us on this exciting new adventure and pledge for a copy today!

Thank you for all your support!

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