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7 September 2022
Michael Coe

theboardgameplayer is in search of a Quest

🤔If you are looking for an adventure game in a travel size to take with you everywhere.🤔 Then Tiny Epic Quest (2017) might be what you are looking for.😊

🧐In Tiny Epic Quest each player controls a band of three elf heroes questing to save the world from the intruding goblins.
Each round is broken into two phases: day and night.

During the day, players travel far and wide, visiting villages to acquire quests, monuments to learn powerful spells, mushroom groves to seek guidance, and treacherous locations in search of artifacts! Acquiring artifacts empowers the heroes with unique abilities; this may improve a heroes’ movement or combat, or their ability to learn spells or mitigate harmful dice rolls.

During the night, players must face the challenge of their quests, and decisions, by rolling dice, hoping for fortune, and knowing when to quit.

The game ends once the portal is closed or all the goblins have been eradicated. The player who has the most victory points is crowned the winner.

🤔I love the beautiful details Gamelyn Games has added to their game.😍
A fun “push your luck” game.😉

Game: Tiny Epic Quest (2017)
👥 1-4
👶 +14
🕠 30-60min

-Area Movement
-Dice Rolling
-Modular Board
-Push Your Luck

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