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6 February 2024
Darren Werner

Watch out – Ragnarok is coming! – A Tiny Epic Vikings Review

Watch out – Ragnarok is coming!

Luckily for us, only on the board for now, in the Tiny Epic Vikings expansion by @gamelyngames  (Polish edition by @galaktagames).


Boxes don’t lie – Ragnarok is a colossal expansion indeed! Not only because it’s all about the Giants, but also because it changes the basic game colossally.

The fight goes on the new Bitter North map, where the sea is frozen, and the Giants are trying to take over the lands around Our Gods have deployed us Valkyries, the winged warriors , to help us slay these colossal beasts.

In addition to the basic actions, we also have to slay a Giant, which will give a lot of points. Besides that, each player has 3 Valkyrie tokens; they raise our influence in the region, may carry settlers and temples ⤵️, but, above all, they help in battles ⚔️

New cards, Valkyries, and Giant Slayers facilitate the slay significantly, but there are only a few of them in the deck, so they have to be used wisely.

When playing with this expansion, the 4-player game becomes even more fierce – we fight not only over Favor cards and influence on regions, but also over slaying Giants.
The choice of cards in the draft phase has to be even more well-thought-out than in the base game, and so is every action.

As it comes to Giants, we have to be prepared for random scoring – tokens give from 6 to 10 points so the differences may be quite huge. Points for slaying Giants maybe half of the final scoring, so without them we would be far behind other players.
Even in the base game itself, we feel like we’re running out of moves, with the expansion we feel like that even more.

Ragnarok definitely transforms this “tiny” game into a more strategic and complex one.

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