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1 February 2023
Darren Werner

Blast Off With the Masked Meeple

Tiny Epic Galaxies: Blast Off

Infinite and beautiful the Cosmos is, full of planets, stars… galaxies. Imagine for a moment, that you have achieved the power to become commander of one of them, but not just any one of them, you control a Type III Civilization; but who wants to rule on a Type III when you can become a Type IV?

To do so, you need to expand your cosmic footprint, but be aware, you are not the only one who pursues the same goal…

In Tiny Epic Galaxies: Blast Off, you earn points (stars) for colonizing new planets and increasing the level of your galaxy. The player (commander) who has the most star points at the end of the game… yes, you guessed right: wins!

In your turn you roll a number of dice based on the level of your galaxy, then you can either start activating actions or modify your roll, paying energy or culture points.

There are 4 possible actions to perform during your turn:

– Move your ships to land or orbit a planet
– Acquire resources (energy or culture)
– Advance colonization
– Utilize galaxy

One of the amazing twists is that you can follow the actions other players are performing in their turns by paying culture. So, every player’s turn is very important to you!

Although this game involves dice rolling, you can minimize the randomness if you know how to generate and admin your resources.

With a 5 mins setup, 5 mins of explanation, and about 30-45 mins gameplay, this game is literally a Blast!

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