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19 July 2022
Michael Coe enters The Dark War

🛡Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War🛡 is my favorite kind of expansion. You get more of the things from the base game which you can shuffle in to add more variety, but it also adds new elements that enrich the gameplay further – it truly skyrockets replayability.🤩 There is even more stuff packed into the expansion box than into the base game.
👍There is an additional campaign mode now. You basically play 3 games back-to-back, each increasing in difficulty, but you get to keep your artifacts and skills that you acquired between games (unfortunately damage that the city suffered also persists). In the first two battles you fight with generals – these are like the epic foes but a bit weaker. In the third one you have to defeat the epic foe.💪

👉In every game you get another primary objective. Six caravans get placed on the regions during the game, and you have to escort all of them to the city before you can defeat the final boss. In the base game sometimes you drew your activation card without having much to do, so this is a nice addition. It also makes the decision of where to go and what route to take that much more interesting.👌

☝️Besides artifacts you can also get skills now, which make you even more versatile. As you play you get experience points which you can spend to level up, use skills and escort caravans.🤔

👊Each of the six region cards have a Dark War version too now. In every battle you will randomly swap a normal region with its new version. At first it is on its ‘hostile’ side and makes your life harder – each region has its own mini-game or effect you have to deal with. If you manage to win the battle, you get to flip the region to it ‘friendly’ side, which will then aid your endeavors.

🙏Of course next to these new elements you also get additional characters, dire enemies, epic foes and artifacts that you can shuffle into the existing ones. This expansion really enhances the game, and is in my opinion a must-have.🙃 I think if I had to pick a favorite Tiny Epic game Dungeons would win, but Defenders is a definitely close second.😉

Many thanks to @gamelyngames for providing us with a review copy.

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