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4 January 2023
Darren Werner

Dice Pirates VS Tiny Epic Pirates

As a splurge self-stocking stuffer, picked up a few games from @gamelyngames including Tiny Epic Pirates!

We always appreciate how much game you get inside a small box in the Tiny Epic series, especially since we’ve been getting big box versions of several games this past year.

This exploration, cargo delivery, and ship attacking game with a rondel mechanic AND dice rolling is a fun one. While Max lamented the need for plastic ships when nice wooden shipples (Is that the right word? Feels wrong… 🤔😅😅) would do, Matt was convinced a paint job would make it worth it, and we can’t disagree with him there!

(For this post, he painted the ship minis after we played.)

Currently sitting at 7.1 on BGG, we think that’s near an accurate rating. As for the best TEG, there’s contentious debate among us about where this sits in the TEG ranking. Max thinks middle of the pack and Matt thinks upper echelon.

What are your thoughts on Tiny Epic Pirates?

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