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28 September 2022
Michael Coe

familee_boardgames dives into Blast Off! 🏊

Now that school has started, so have the extracurricular activities.
This means a lot of driving and being out and about.

My kids are in a swim club and I get to sit in the bleachers to watch. Usually, I’ll bring some work to do or just surf on my phone. But this time I wanted to read up on a new game I have:

🚀Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off!🚀

So I read the rules for Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! there in the stands.

Normally I’m a very hands-on learner. I need to play it as I read the rules. But these rules are so streamlined and “light” that it wasn’t difficult to understand. After reading through it, I felt like I had a good grasp on how to play so I tackled the solo rules.

I already had the solo print and play printed and ready to go.
So after coming back home, I took out TEG Blast Off! and played solo to get a feel for the game.

The first thing that I noticed was the dice. They are marbled, engraved, and have a nice heft to them. Then I saw the wooden pieces and how they are screen printed. For such a “tiny” game, it has great components. Having the box lid as a dice tray is just icing on the 🎂.

The game was quick to play but had a good amount of decision space on how to maximize your dice and which planets are worth colonizing. The 3 dice areas that can be followed by your opponents will be another good decision to make.

The solo game was really good. It was straightforward to follow and didn’t bog down the game.

There’s something about a game with an easy ruleset that can make a light game very enjoyable. The game doesn’t try to be complicated just to make it seem like a bigger game than it should be. It’s the perfect complexity for its target audience.

I can’t wait to bring this game out to try with my friends and family.

I’ll have a full review after a few more plays. But so far I’m really enjoying this game and I think it’s a great game for any gamer’s collection.


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