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23 August 2023
Darren Werner


This is an important update for backers who have not received their rewards.

The update is broken down by headings, please find the heading that most closely matches your scenario and carefully read the instructions provided for assistance.

The Last Kingdom Board Game Fulfillment Status – All Rewards In Transit

As of today, August 14th, all rewards for The Last Kingdom Board Game are in transit. Transit times will vary based on your location.


We are dedicated to making sure that every backer receives their rewards.


Your first step in redeeming your reward is to confirm that you have completed your BackerKit order. To do this, please log into BackerKit:

If you forgot your password, click “forgotten password” and enter your email. Then, follow the steps in the email you receive to reset your password and proceed with logging in.

Then, check if you completed your pledge and confirmed your order.

-Yes, your order had been previously completed and confirmed. Proceed to the heading below that most closely matches your scenario and carefully read the instructions provided for assistance.

-No, your order has not been completed and confirmed. If you did not complete your pledge please email our team at [email protected], using the template below, and we will organize the shipment with you.

Include the following subject line: “The Last Kingdom Board Game Missing Reward”.

  • Full Name:
  • Company:
  • Street Address:
  • Apartment or Unit:
  • City:
  • State/Province:
  • Postal/Zip Code:
  • Country:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email:

***”I’ve received my game(s) but not my add-ons.”***

Rest assured that your add-ons will be arriving soon. All add-ons orders have been shipped. If you would like to check the status of your add-ons, please email us at [email protected].

 ***”I’ve not received my game(s).”***

Please email [email protected] and include in the subject line: “The Last Kingdom Board Game Missing Reward” to have us check the status of your shipment and resolve any possible issues.

***”My game(s) were shipped to the wrong address!”***

First, check with your local postal service and ensure that you have mail forwarding setup.

If you have mail forwarding setup then there should not be an issue and you should expect to receive your game. No action is needed.

If mail forwarding is not an option and you cannot recover the package from your previous address, then please email us at [email protected] and include in the subject line: “The Last Kingdom Board Game Wrong Address”.

“I got my game, but some pieces are damage and/or missing!! Do you offer replacements?”

You bet we do!! We are dedicated to offering top notch customer service and it extends beyond the Kickstarter project. So, if you find that pieces are missing and/or damaged, rules, bits, etc. we will replace them. We WANT to replace them! We want you to enjoy your game and all the efforts we put into it. If you receive your package and any pieces are missing or damaged, please visit and fill out the request form. That will come directly to us and we will get you taken care of as soon as possible. Please afford us some additional patience as we work through our email queue. We estimate replacements will take up to 2 weeks to be dispatched.

 “I’ve received the game and I’m loving it! Great Job!! How can I share these feelings with the world!?”

If you have a burning desire to share your positive experience and you relate the above sentence, then AWESOME!! Because that is why we make games! To give people such a wonderful gaming experience that they can’t wait to involve their friends and family!

Here are some ways that you can express your experience and help us out as well:

Rate and comment on the game over at BGG

This one is particularly beneficial and appreciated.

You can also post comments HERE in the general comments section! We all love reading these and some of them really make our day!

Comment on the Gamelyn Games’ Facebook page 

Share a picture on Instagram and follow us @GamelynGames

Tweet about it and tag us @Gamelyn_Games

Most importantly, let us WOW you again with our next game. Follow us on Kickstarter and check out our future projects.

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