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31 October 2023
Darren Werner

The long awaited horror of Cthulhu is coming to Tiny Epic!

The next entry in the Tiny Epic series is…

Tiny Epic Cthulhu!

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That’s right!! At last, the long awaited horror of Cthulhu is coming to Tiny Epic!

Join us in the forgotten island town off the coast of 1920’s New Arkhamoore.  This seemingly peaceful town is not well. Cosmic horrors are emerging from the dense sea fog, plunging the once sleepy town into a state of chaos.
As players navigate through the game, they must work together to translate the Necronomicon, unveil the Great Old One, and seal the portals to banish the impending horror back into the cosmic realm.
To achieve this, players must tap into the madness that surrounds the town, using it to translate pages, battle against shamblers, and prevent locations from succumbing to pure horror.
The cusp of madness gives players benefits like more movement, stronger attacks, and cosmic intellect. However, they must be cautious not to push their own minds too far, as the line between sanity and madness is a delicate one.
Tiny Epic Cthulhu offers a tense and engaging gameplay experience, featuring innovative bag-building and push-your-luck mechanics. It includes a surprising component – a spinner! – which perfectly captures the essence of Lovecraftian madness and chaos, while still maintaining the strategic elements that players have come to expect from the Tiny Epic series.
Each player will need to utilize their special powers, make use of the unique actions available in the town, and carefully manage their own madness.
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In this game, madness is a valuable resource that can be used to translate pages and enhance player abilities, but excessive madness can lead to defeat. The pressure to save the town is felt from the very first spin.
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Learn more about Tiny Epic Cthulhu and join the conversation on our BGG page.

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