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19 January 2024
Darren Werner

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea Late Pledge Now Open

Get ready to experience Heroes of Land, Air & Sea like never before!

ALL NEW content awaits returning fans of the game! Don’t miss out!

Also Introducing our NEW GAMELYN DESK MOJI


Supports games of up to 7 players! Includes 10 total factions: Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves, + Undead, Lionkin, Lizardfolk and Goblins + Birdfolk and Merfolk. Includes 220 miniatures, 88 cardboard constructs, 332 Custom Card Sleeves, Two Worlds Game Mat, Seige Engines, and much much much MUCH more!

 52 Unique Event Cards
• 52 Event Sleeves (63.5 x 88 mm)
• 55 Tactic Cards
• 55 Tactic Sleeves (63.5 x 88 mm)
• 1 Oversized 48″ x 34″ double-sided and stitched edged neoprene gaming mat.

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