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20 October 2022
Michael Coe

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Preview for:

🎮 Tiny Epic Pirates
🎨 Scott Almes, Chip Cole, Ian Rosenthaler
🏭 Gamelyn Games
👤 Player Count: 1-4

📝Brief Overview:

Tiny Epic Pirates is a pick-up-and-deliver, rondel style action selection pirate game in which players will take on the roles of pirates sailing the seven seas to be the first to bury 3 treasures. Players will move their captain around the rondel-style action selection system to choose sail, trade, acquire booty, raid other ships, hire crew mates, and bury treasure.

🧩 Components:

Gamelyn Games always delivers with high-quality components in such a tiny box. The ship meeples are fantastic little plastic miniatures you assemble. The gold coins are nice and detailed, and the pirate crew meeples are nice as well. The variable 4×4 board is made up of poker-sized cards that feature vibrant artwork.

🖼 Theme:

The theme here is super strong! Every action feels like a move a pirate would make! Plundering, naval dice combat, crew members being used up to take other actions, burying treasure, it’s all there! And of course, the pirate theme drips through the components (looking at you, ships!)

🎊 Thank you @gamelyngames for providing a review copy!

⏳Be sure to check back in for an in-depth review of the game from a solo and multiplayer perspective as well as my personal rating🛡


Review for:

🎮 Tiny Epic Pirates
🎨 Scott Almes, Chip Cole, Ian Rosenthaler
🏭 Gamelyn Games
⚙️ Pick-up and Deliver, Rondel Action Selection
🧙🏾‍♂Solo Mode is available! (AI Opponent)

🛡Strengths 🛡
🛡 Thought provoking rondel-style action selection mechanic
🛡 Theme is strongly evident within gameplay and components
🛡 Quick, successive turns

⚔️ Shortcomings ⚔️
⚔️ Rondel setup can feel less optimal than others
⚔️ Crew members are not balanced

🏆My Review/Analysis:

Tiny Epic Games have a tendency to pack a lot of game in their tiny box frame. And TEP does not disappoint; this was a blast! Sailing the seas, engaging in navel combat, trading goods in a cascading shifting economy, recruiting crew members for additional bonus actions, and burying treasure; this game really tried to engross you in the theme. I especially enjoyed the rondel mechanism with the choice between taking the next action or skipping to another more useful one at the cost of giving up a crew member. The balancing in the decision-making was fun. I do wish the crew members abilities were a bit more balanced. I also wish there was potentially another way to level up your ship; it felt as if the game was forcing player vs. player combat.

🥇My Review/Analysis of the Solo:

The solo mode is a nice thinky experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome and makes me really feel like a pirate sailing the seas. I loved the openness of the map compared to multiplayer, giving me more freedom to sail and achieve burying 3 treasures in a variety of ways. While the multiplayer felt battles with each other was an absolute must, here you can interact with the AIs more and build your crew up. Overall enjoyed this one.

🎊 Thank you @gamelyngames for providing a review copy!

❓Have you played this before? ❔What’s your favorite Tiny Epic Game?

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