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11 August 2021

Just another day on the farm with Dads_board_again 🦖


Game: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

Designer: Scott Almes
Publisher: @gamelyngames #gamelyngames
Style: Worker Placement
Release: 2020

Just another day on the farm. Ya know, build and fix the fences, direct your workers, feed the animals, and then the animals EAT YOU!!!!! Well, at least the carnivores will try. Those pesky meat-eaters. Tiny Epic Dinosaurs is about collecting your resources, placing workers, placing Dino’s, and scoring points.

So everyone has workers and resource trackers. Going one at a time you place your workers and if needed pay resources to use a location. Collect whatever the space allows then it’s the next persons turn. Continue this until each person has used all their workers. Placement of Dinosaurs and fences is very important. Make sure you are paying attention to where other players are going. Block if you can. Scoring from Dino’s and other ways. Be the one with the most points at the end and you win. Be careful when you are catching Dino’s because you can be bitten and sent to the medical bay.

4️⃣Final Thoughts
I would say this is my second favorite Tiny Epic game I have played. (I love Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off) I love the workers and having a large worker that is worth two workers is a great twist to placement. The components of this game are PERFECT! All of the Dino’s are wood and the colors are vibrant and have great detail. This game will forever stay in my collection and with good reason.

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