COMPETE for the Iron Throne or COOPERATE against the Night King - In Tiny Epic Game of Thrones LATE PLEDGE NOW
16 September 2022
Michael Coe

meepleambrera wrangles some Dinos

It is a nice small box that we had the pleasure of trying more than a year ago and now, after revising it in its Spanish edition, it has confirmed the good taste that left us.

It is a simple worker placement with resource management and contract enforcement.

The game will make us travel to an amazing future in which ceases to be a mere utopia and the farmers of the moment leave aside the raising of chickens, goats, and sheep to move on to the breeding of velociraptors, brontosaurs and other animals of ‘company’.

Hunt huge reptiles, feed them, breed them, mate them (better not to get in the way too much), and complete as many contracts as possible without being devoured in the attempt.

✏️ As usual in the saga to which it belongs, Tiny Epic Dinosaurs manages to concentrate sensations of a big game in a small box.

The game is very pleasant to play and the production is exquisite.

Indicated, above all, as an initiation game or as a portable proposal since it is possible that a demanding public may fall short.


You’ll like this if… you’re looking for a management game that’s enjoyable to play, mechanically accessible, and doesn’t take up much of a shelf.

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