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13 July 2022
Michael Coe

Play_it_Solo is in search of a Quest 🧙‍♂️ 🧝‍♀️

Tiny Epic Quest

Time for my first Tiny Epic! I got Western and Quest recently, and I finally got the time to try and start with Quest.

First of all, I knew that there would be a lot in this little box but I sure wasn’t prepared to have so much stuff to unpack!

The quality is amazing, @gamelyngames knows their stuff you can count on it!

So what is Tiny Epic Quest about? Quest is a worker placement game at its core. Your little knights will be used to go on quests that will give victory points in order to win the game.

Cards are placed randomly on the table representing a range of locations and act as the board. Each of them has a specific task on them requiring dice results in order to be completed.
For solo play, and for the first part of your action, you will have to choose from two cards to move your knights around the cards/board. They have different ways to move depending on which type of movement you choose (foot, horse, griffon, etc). This is where you’ll need to think about your next moves because it can really help your chances of gaining a lot of victory points (doing multiple quest/tasks per movement are really satisfying combos!).

For the second part of your turn, you’ll have to roll five dice that will help you (or not of course) complete more tasks while trying to avoid being slowed down by potential bad results. There are ways to mitigate the results and thank god because as you know I’m not so good with luck and dice.

I overall liked the experience. It is super fun and I love the fantasy/quests aspect to it.
I just wished that there was more than just beating your own score for solo play. I don’t really feel challenged or engaged when I just have to beat a score but that’s of course just me.

I’m also wondering about the replayability of this one. If you played it, what is your take on it?

Which is your favourite from the Tiny Epic series?

(This is a review copy provided by @gamelyngames )

Setup time: 7mn
Playtime: 45mn

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