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7 January 2022
Michael Coe


Beasts of War Review!

Bringing a dungeon crawler to games night can really weigh down your backpack! Gamelyn Games are gearing up to release the next installment to the Tiny Epic range, with Tiny Epic Dungeons heading to retail this Spring.

Tiny Epic Dungeons - With Miniatures


Box & Miniatures // Tiny Epic Dungeons

With cooperation in mind, players will get stuck into the wide world of Aughmoore, as 1-4 players traverse deeper with their heroes in tow; looting for their clan and hacking and slashing their way through each dungeon room. But players must be cautious to avoid traps left by deviants whilst making their way to the final boss.

The game plays out in two different acts, the journey through the dungeon and the takedown of the big bad at the end – all before the torches are extinguished and the heroes are locked in the confines of a dark and gloomy dungeon forever.

Each hero has their own set of skills to honour their roots, as players must find the best takedown to take on monsters that have a diverse set of skills of their own! Whether you want to wield your axe, bow, or muster up some magic – the takedown strategy is key to cooperation.



Tiny Epic Dungeons // Gamelyn Games

I thoroughly enjoy Tiny Epic Games. With my dragon hoard of board games sitting on my shelves, having such a tiny game that packs a huge punch makes it even easier for me to bring multiple to a games night.

What is your favourite Tiny Epic Game?

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