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19 April 2023
Darren Werner

🏃Tiny Epic Dungeons Review🐉

Co-Op & Solo Dungeon crawl, complete with detailed minis, all inside the usual small box that the Tiny Epic series of games are known for.

This is one of the heavier Tiny Epic Dungeons games with a weight of 3.03. There is a ton of iconography here, and multiple steps. There’s a time investment in learning the game, icons, flow, and what to do. It took us a few games to establish the flow, and likely what kind of danger awaits when we move our way through the dungeon. It’s also very difficult to do well in, at least for us.

With that said, for the size of the box and the cost, there is a TON of replayability and value here. The exploration aspect changes up every game, then adds in power-ups, characters that play different and different villains.

There’s a ton of value here, particularly for solo gamers. Matthias likes to play solo games but is a bit worn out by having to pay for expensive games with multiple components, and player counts. For the price point, this is a great value for solo gamers to sink their teeth into.

We played this co-op at 2. I don’t think we’d play at larger player counts unless the other players knew the system; there’s just too much going on for a reasonable teach at game night. I

If you’re willing to commit, this is a great value and highly recommended for solo gamers & fans of dungeon crawls.

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