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30 December 2021
Michael Coe

🤠Western & Quest Review🧙‍♂️

Two of my favorite Tiny Epic have been just reprinted. Tiny Epic Western and Quest by @gamelyngames

Tiny Epic Western: Set in the wild west you’ll play the role of a cowboy and you’ll make sure to buy off the City using bullets and poker. There is no place for pacific resolution in the West. TEW is a worker placement game that uses poker and duels as a way to get your resources.

If you like aggressive actions and messing up your opponents plan this is the title for you 😁

Tiny Epic Quest: In this Zelda vibe game you’ll complete quests, get powerful artifacts, defeat goblins, and learn powerful spells. TEQ is a push your luck game where basically everything you do can give you points if you’re willing to take the risk and roll the dice long enough.
If you like dice rolling and a fantasy setting, Quest is the choice for you 😁

They are both excellent games if I personally could choose only one, I’d probably go for Quest. Western can be scary to understand for many players while Quest is more straightforward and does not have that much player interaction.

Which one do you prefer and why? 😁

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