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13 December 2021
Michael Coe

🦊What does this fox say?🦊

I am always amazed how much stuff fits in 1 tiny box of any Tiny Epic game by @gamelyngames 😼. In #tinyepicpirates you spread terror across the vast sea, plundering ships and cities, sell goods, drink rum (ok, we just added this rule- but you can sell rum from the very start 😸), and hide treasures 😻🏴‍☠️.


Artwork Box: 5/5

An action-packed sequence, right from the watery battlefield. On the brink of belting out some good pirate songs. Yohoho und ne Buddel voll Rum 😸

Components: 5/5

Metal coins, pirate ships (which fit small crates), sails, tons of markers, …. All in this small box. Incredible management of the box space and the quality is top class. Look at the little bandanas the meeple are wearing 🙀

Box organization: 5/5

As I said, everything fits in this small box. No mistakes or it doesn’t fit anymore. But with proper organization, everything is tight in place 😺
Complexity: medium

Long-term fun: 5/5

You can’t get enough of being a pirate. Looting stuff is always a great feeling 😼
Most favorite part: Pirate ships, full of rum 😽🥃

Rulebook: 3/5

Rules are hard to read. Some examples would be nice 🙀. If you worked yourself through all rules, it’s ok. But this step took us some time 😸

Setup and putting away: 3/5

As a tiny Epic game, you have tiny Epic components and a lot of them. The setup takes some time and putting everything away even more 😹

Story immersion: 5/5

And he that will this health deny
Down among the dead men, down among the dead men
Down, down, down, down
Down among the dead men let him lie!

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