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5 August 2022
Michael Coe

Review: Tiny Epic Dungeons


In this cooperative dungeon crawler from¬†@gamelyngames, you have to start collecting as many powers as you can so you can eventually take on the Dungeon Boss! Are you heroic and tactical enough to start calling yourself the king of the dungeon? 💫

There are many heroes present in this little box and they all have different special skills and actions to use when it’s their turn. Depending on each hero’s strength, dexterity and intellect, you roll a number of dice to take out different traps and fight the diversity of goblins, fierce minions, and monsters! 🧟

Each time a new room becomes available, you can choose how to lay it down depending on the available exits. With this, you create a new dungeon with each game, but you have to be careful because there are limits to how far the dungeon can be expanded! Perform an action in each room, if they are present. This will allow you to gather new items, plunder treasures, or just learn new spells.🕯️

Round after round the torch moves, This triggers events. If you reach the final stage before you manage to complete the quest, your heroes are forever lost in the darkness and will wander aimlessly in the dungeon. Depending on the number of players, you must defeat a certain number of minions to finally take on the Dungeon Boss! ✨

This cool dungeon crawler contains a puzzle-like combat system. I recommend this game if you are a fan of cooperative dungeon games. This is a game where you have to take some time to learn the rules. I would not recommend you to play with new inexperienced players right away. I love all the violence that the small boxes of the Tiny Epic series contain was already known! This is definitely one that will be on the table more often 🤩

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