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24 February 2023
Darren Werner

Beastiegeeks goes full Viking

True Vikings can be tiny too! The newest game from @gamelyngames, Tiny Epic Vikings, just landed on our table so it’s time for our first impressions.

😍 TEV, alongside TE Pirates is the most “massive” when it comes to the engine and mechanics, game from the series. There are so many options, actions, and ways to win the game squeezed into two small boxes that it’s hard to not be impressed.

😍 Area control aspect of the game works pretty great, and we get the same / very similar experience from the “big” games. Simple, yet effective core with area majority is spiced up here with plenty of other ways to make your opponent’s life harder, including building temples, moving giants, destroying meeples through special powers, etc.

😍/😢 All actions you can make depend on the cards drawn blindly in each era. Yes, you are picking only one, and the rest you need to pass to the opponent (same as in Blood Rage) so the randomness coming from this is somehow mitigated here but there is still the chance you don’t get any movement action, which is simply crucial here.

😍 I would dare to say the order of players is another important, maybe even too important thing here. A vast amount of points are gained through pillaging the villages and getting the permanent runes. The problem is, these villages are getting much stronger with every single pillage and after 3 of them you don’t want to make this anymore unless…

😍 you are focusing on losing on purpose because here you can gain a lot by falling the pillaging or losing against the opponent thanks to the god’s powers activating on such occasions. This is probably my favorite part of the game and it’s possible that after more plays with TEV, it will balance the game perfectly.

😍 Is Ragnarok necessary to enjoy the game? Absolutely not but slaying the giants, and creating Valkyries are not only very thematic but also give more ways to score points.

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