COMPETE for the Iron Throne or COOPERATE against the Night King - In Tiny Epic Game of Thrones LATE PLEDGE NOW
8 February 2023
Darren Werner

Gameboardmaster Delves into the Dungeon

“Tiny heroes have never been more EPIC than on Tiny EPIC dungeon ”

Game specs:
1-4👫| 40min⏱| age 14+ |

thank you to the publisher @gamelyngames

Objective: This is a coop game divided in 2 act. On act 1 the heroes will have to explore the dungeon gather loot, defeat the enemies, and find the boss lair. Act 2 engage in battle with the boss. Defeat the boss and win! But if the torchlight goes out (rounds) or gets overrun by enemies your heroes are lost in darkness forever.

How to play highlights: The game is divided into 2 acts. 1st act explores the dungeons, defeat the enemies, avoid traps, gather loot, and find the boss layer. On your turn you may perform 3 actions: move, perform 1 heroic action and perform any number of free actions. Moving is determined by the speed of the hero this is how new dungeon rooms are uncovered. Some of the heroic actions are: rest, search a room, disarm a trap, attack(cast a spell, melee, and middle attacks) Each player on their turn can move, perform any number of free actions like : modify dice, research to gain spell, increase modifiers/stats and/or trigger abilities. Act 2 engage in battle against the boss. Other ways to lose if the dungeon cannot be explored any further.

My thoughts: This game has excellent replayability. Its modular ever-changing dungeon, variety of characters, different accessories, and armor will give you a different experience every time. Don’t get deceived by its size this game has a decent level of complexity but I was introduced to an amazing app from @getdized Dized. It gives you a thorough tutorial/walkthrough making it so much easier to learn and play. I will admit my blood pressure was through the roof but in a good way. Is so easy to get overrun by enemies if you don’t have a good strategy. But we got our act together and after 2 games the third was the charm and the boss was defeated.

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