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31 October 2022
Michael Coe

Het Spelletjes Koppel goes for a Zombie-filled walk

📝 Game explanation:

Tiny Epic games are games with a lot of material in a small box. You can play Tiny Epic Zombies in different ways, cooperatively, competitively, or solo. The turns of humans and zombies are alternating. People have to move 3 steps, if they come across a zombie, they can kill it. This can be done with a knife strike (the die is then rolled to see what the follow-up action is) or with a distance shot with your weapon, this does cost you a bullet.

If there are no more zombies in the shop, the player may perform actions (you can make sure you reach targets or perform other actions). Once you have performed the actions, turn over the closed card. You place this card next to the shop you are currently in. If it’s an action card, you execute it immediately.

It is now the zombie’s turn. If the card the player turned over matches the correct shop, the zombie may perform the action from the zombie card. Then place 2 zombies and give a new face-down card to the player. It is the next player’s turn. People win if the 3 goals are met. The zombie wins if all players are defeated or the barricade is broken.

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