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15 July 2022
Michael Coe

onebookcase goes Solo with Tiny Epic Dinosaurs🦖

🦖 Tiny Epic Dinosaurs 🦖


This is my second solo review for a Tiny Epic game. My first was Galaxies which was easy to manage and quite enjoyable. Let’s see how they handle dinos.

At its core, this is a tiny epic worker placement game. My previous exposure to small form worker placement was Mint Works. Let me tell you folks, this blows that out of the water.

Essentially you are using workers to acquire one of four basic dino types, barriers, food, and utilities. These worker placement spots are divided into 4 action cards (A,B,C,D).

You play 6 rounds, getting a 5th worker in round 4. You have to acquire dinos, distribute them into secure containment, feed them, and cash them in to fulfill contracts. Dinos can only be kept with other dinos of the same type and if you have 2, they breed giving you a third if you have space.

The solo opponent has a deck of 8 cards and each turn you flip one to determine what they will do. The solo card will increase the cost of worker placement locations for the letter represented. So it would cost 2 workers instead of 1 to use spots on that action card.

There are 4 flavors of solo opponents each with different play styles and abilities that trigger. My first play was with the Breeder and it was enjoyable and easy to manage.

Based on solo mode alone I would place this above Galaxies. Will provide multiplayer reviews on both games in the future!

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