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29 January 2024
Darren Werner

The Last Kingdom Board Game Review | First Impressions

Top Vibes gives a great look at The Last Kingdom, check out the video to hear their first impressions.

The Last Kingdom Board Game is a worthy creation of the popular show. Take on the role of one of the main characters as you navigate the battlefield, and gaming politics, to outwit your rivals and spread your renown throughout the land. Join forces with one of the factions in their struggle to claim victory during battle, but when the winds of war blow against you, quickly change your allegiance to be on the winning side. User asymmetric powers to give yourself a competitive edge, manipulate army positions to always make sure your side is on top, carefully manage your actions cards as they are a limited (and most valuable) resource, and take market actions to give your chosen army that additional edge, and strategically choose the next location of battle to ensure your continual victory.


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