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26 January 2022
Michael Coe

the.meeple.diaries goes Western

I am sloooowly getting through my Essen 2021 pile 🙈… today I want to talk a bit about Tiny Epic Western 🤠!

♠️ ♠️
Designer: Scott Almes
Artist: Adam P. McIver
Publisher: @gamelyngames

♥️ ♥️
Set in the Wild West, Tiny Epic Western has us competing to be the MEANEST boss in town 😈! We will be roaming the Saloon, the Bank and not to mention the Sheriff’s Office looking to buy buildings and win duels. There’s even an element of 3-handed poker!

♣️ ♣️
Player Count: 1-4 players
Mechanisms: Worker Placement, Variable Player Powers, Area Majority, Set Collection…

I originally wanted to buy Tiny Epic Western as D loves western themes and I was quite intrigued by the poker aspect. I always enjoyed poker, even though I was exceptionally bad at it! I am very interested to see how everything ties together in this game!

🎨 Component Quality and Artwork 🎨
This is one of my first Tiny Epic games and I have to say I was stunned by the component quality 🔥. I mean those bullets are DICE! Sure these are small boxes but the contents are top-notch! Some really nice wooden and plastic components in here, the cards are a great thickness and the character cards are a really decent size!

Reading the rules is up next and then I will be back with some further thoughts 🤗!

I was very kindly given this copy by @gamelyngames at Essen. I wanted to purchase it but they only had an open, demo box available which they provided for free. A huge thank you to @gamelyngames but rest assured, my posts will always be an honest reflection of my thoughts!

Have you played any of the Tiny Epic games? Which is your favourite??

Check out my site below and let me know!!

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