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26 October 2021

⚓The.Meeple.Diaries Pirate Play⚓

For #mechanismsmonday this week we have Market as chosen by @family.boardgaming!

This is where a game includes some form of market where you can buy and/or sell goods and prices or quantities can change throughout the game!

So Brass Birmingham is probably my current favorite example of this mechanism with the fluctuating price/worth of coal and iron. But I wanted to feature something new today so I’m going for one of my @spiel_messe purchases: Tiny Epic Pirates by @gamelyngames!

Despite the size, there’s a lot going on in this game, so I am going to focus on the market function! In this game, players are going to be collecting Booty 🤩!! Booty can be collected by plundering a settlement or looting it from sinking Merchant ships for example 😁. Then, when your ship is weighed down with your spoils, you can visit a market to trade the Booty for gold!

Each market on the map takes only one of the four types of Booty – these could be Sugarcane 🍭, Rum 🍹, Coffee ☕️ or Gunpowder 💥 so make sure to visit the right one for the Booty you wish to sell. Added complexity comes from the fact that the worth of each type of Booty fluctuates depending on supply and demand. So basically the most recent type of Booty sold will be worth the least. If you’re on your way to sell your precious cargo and an opponent gets there first and sells the same type…well…your precious cargo is no longer so precious 🙈!

Pirates flag vector image | Free SVGSet Sail to InstagramPirates flag vector image | Free SVG


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