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18 November 2021
Michael Coe

Tiny Epic Dungeons Progress Report + ETA January!

Hello friends!

In today’s update, I will be sharing the current status of the project, when we expect to be delivering backer rewards, and the status of CrowdOx pre-orders for previously out-of-stock Tiny Epic games.

Project Progress Report

All games and accessories for Tiny Epic Dungeons have been produced, assembled, and are prepared to leave the factory. We are just waiting on container and ship availability at this time. We have been told by our freight forwarder that our products should be able to depart from the factory by the end of the month.

Project Estimated Timeline

  • November 2021 – Freight departure for warehouse.
  • December 2021 – Freight arrival at warehouse + Product receiving and preparing + Prepare backer rewards for fulfillment.
  • January 2022 – Warehouse to begin fulfillment of backer rewards.

Address Updates

There is still time to change your address for Tiny Epic Dungeons. Please visit this link:

Log in using your email. From there you can change your address and please re-confirm your order to save the updated information.

CrowdOx Pre-Orders 

Great news! Our warehouse has received the reprint of all previously out-of-stock Tiny Epic games and the orders for those games began shipping to customers today! 

Specifically, this affects orders with the following games:

  •  Deluxe Tiny Epic Galaxies
  •  Deluxe Tiny Epic Quest
  •  Deluxe Tiny Epic Western
  •  Deluxe Tiny Epic Kingdoms
  • Ultra-Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Dungeon Heroes

Dungeon Heroes shares the same status as Tiny Epic Dungeons at this time. It is complete, packed, and will leave the factory with Tiny Epic Dungeons. So please expect to receive Dungeon Heroes around the same time as you receive Tiny Epic Dungeons.

Goblin’s Coast

For your viewing pleasure, we had an illustration made of Goblin’s Coast, where Tiny Epic Dungeons occurs. We’ve also had other areas of Aughmoore illustrated that I will share in future updates. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone for reading the update.

I will be back next month to provide another progress report and hopefully a tracking link to the cargo vessel.

See you in the comments!



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