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10 January 2022
Michael Coe

⭐Tiny Epic Zombies – Review⭐

We’ve never backed away from zombies before. A romantic evening for us, can often look like playing a good horror board game, movie or video game. That’s also why this game was a blast to review.


The goals of this game look very different depending who your character is. The main game mode consists of one zombie player who’s goal is to turn all other players into zombies, or to make sure the humans don’t complete their objectives. Meanwhile, all human players need to survive and complete all the objectives they are given. The human players can move their character around on the map and interact with items, zombies or locations. The zombie player decides where new zombies spawn and tries to intercept with the objectives by placing search cards in strategic places.


First of all, we love the look of this game. I have never seen a chainsaw, slightly bigger then a fingernail, do so much damage. The small meeples you play with have two spaces to hold weapons and it looks adorable and threatening at the same time. then there are some oversized transports avaliable where your meeple sits in top. Add more then a couple of tiny green zombies to your scene, and enjoy the display.

the gameplay itself we found to be a lot of fun for the human players. Your strategic thinking needs to be on point as a group or you can get eaten alive or overrun. The zombie player however can sometimes get a little boring. Since the zombie player is on it’s own, you communicate less with the other players. There is just a lot more downtime and less for the zombie player to do. Fortunately, there are multiple game modes Tiny Epic Zombies provide that plays with an AI zombie. This works quite well and barely changes anything to the gameplay. With two players you already play with this mode, but we found ourselves even with company always choosing for the AI mode.


Tiny Epic Zombies is a brutal survival game that doesn’t take to much space and is in our opinion best with four people. However, because of the many game modes, there is always a good game to play between 1-5 players.

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